Dizzybomb 识动



Dizzybomb, founded in Shanghai in 2020, focuses on providing unique wearing experiences for modern women and men.Nowadays, people's demand for clothing is no longer limited to "practicability and wearability", and the need to "please oneself" is being mentioned by more and more consumers. As a "small" part of the clothing field, socks are gradually becoming an eye-catching and important supporting role in modern fashion wear. More and more people regard socks as the finishing touch of the overall look.

As a young clothing brand with socks as its core product, Dizzybomb encourages modern people to know themselves, appreciate themselves and please themselves. In Dizzybomb's philosophy, socks are not just a dispensable accessory, but also a webbing that connects interesting life and aesthetic taste.



Client: Dizzybomb

Design Time: 2023.7

Creative Director: Meng Jiayang

Design: Wang Zhiheng / Chen Wei / Wang Zhihong / Xu Wenyang

Photography: Red Peach

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Room 888, Mingchuang Mansion,
NO.707 South Tiantong Road,
Yinzhou District, Ningbo City,
P.R. China, 315000


1-608, Sanbao Cultural and
Creative Industrial Park,
No.50 Xueyuan North Road,
Gongshu District, Hangzhou
P.R. China, 310015

Shanghai Preparatory

4F-Unit 1, 278 Jin Hu Road.
Shanghai, P. R. China. 200000

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