Micro V 麦微

Micro V  Branding Design


Micro V is a new brand focus on cats clean and care products. It is starts from exploring the relationship between cat owners and cats and pays attention to the tiny things in the process of getting along with cats, to bring scientific, practical, and stable products and services to cats. 

Based on the brand concept of "cleanness can be closer", Micro V will pay attention to the cleaning problems of cats in different scenarios, help cat owners solve their problems, and make cat owners and cats get along without burden and get closer.

In the visual image, a logo with "life" has become the biggest brand symbol and memory point. This logo extended by the brand name is called V (“Wei”), which is a kitten full of curiosity. It will appear in the package of cat litter with its butt pouted, it will appear on the logistics box of the product, and it will also appear in the product manual in a clump... Through this recognizable symbol, users can quickly Identify the brand, convey the brand attitude, and establish an emotional link with the user.

Featured on Best Designs Trends as best packaging design of 2023 by DesignRush. 

Micro V麦微是一个全新的猫咪清洁护理品牌,从探索猫主人与猫咪的关系出发,关注与猫咪相处过程中那些细微的小事,给猫咪带来科学、实用、稳定的产品和服务。

基于“干净才能更加贴近”的品牌理念,Micro V麦微将关注不同场景下猫咪的清洁问题,帮助猫主人解决困扰,使猫主人与猫咪相处无负担,更加贴近。


Design Time: 2021.12 — 2022.4

Creative Director: Yu Hengchong

Design Director: Yang Ye 

Design: Yang Ye / Cheng Mengya / Shen Huabin

Photography: HERYAR




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