Pump up Your 2021(CH-LAB GIFT)

The COVID-19 that swept the world in 2020 had a huge impact on our lives, and after the year we have experienced, we felt that everyone and everything around us is in an oppressive atmosphere.

By the time of New Year 2021, we hope we can sand a gift to our friends in this case. It can be a blessing for the New Year, but also a bold change to traditional goody bag. This gift is named "Year of the Ox Cheer Bag", which coincides with 2021, the Year of the Ox, hoping the gift will bring you good luck and cheer up for the new year together!


Design Time: 2021.1 
Creative Director: Yang Ye
Design: Ye Wenting
Photography: HERYAR
Pump up Your 2021(CH-LAB GIFT)



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