Lizao Stationery Festival

The Lizao Stationery Festival is themed as “Writing Again".

Lizao Bookstore wants to convey the idea that stationery is the original carrier of creation and an extension of the hand. It has no limit of age and it belongs to everyone.

Under the complete pre-consideration, we decided to explain Writing, Reading, and Creation by illustration.Using the hand as a key element of the design, it’s a circular concept from hand to stationary.

It not only represents the return movement of "writing again", but also means the complete process that starts from the hand, with the help of tools, and finally returns to ‘writing’ on its own. It is an emphasis on "writing again" and "stationery is an extension of hand". It calls for a simpler and better creation by hands and stationery.

Client: LIZAO Book Store
Design Time: 2019/8
Creative Agency: CH-LAB
Creative Director: Yu Hengchong
Project Director: Yang Ye
Creative & Planning: Yang Ye / An Luyan 
Design & Illustration: Zhang Xinyou / Jin Xiaoyan / Zhu Shasha



Room 888, Mingchuang Mansion,
NO.707 South Tiantong Road,
Yinzhou District, Ningbo City,
P.R. China, 315000


Room402-13, Weplus, Seven Area,
No.500 Xiaohe Road,
Gongshu District, Hangzhou City,
P. R. China. 310000


4F-Unit 1, 278 Jin Hu Road.
Shanghai, P. R. China. 200000

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