In brand vision, there are colors in the system coexist with colors that represent individuality,and they are unify by imprint and connect by symbol; In application and actual production, acting with caution to choose multiple materials, and also rich colors combination with color of black, white and gray; All these integrated magnify the team's imprint and the amplifies personality recognizable of team members.

This is the accumulation of our creation: self-confidence, professionalism, tolerance, openness. In sum of not only young and independent, but also advocating creativity.
Design Time: 2019.5 — 2020.3
Creative Director: Yang Ye
Logotype Design: Ye Wenting
Editorial Design: Yang Ye
Website Design: An Luyan
Website Developer: City-design
Printing: PaperPlay
Photography: CH Photo LAB




Room 888, Mingchuang Mansion,
NO.707 South Tiantong Road,
Yinzhou District, Ningbo City,
P.R. China, 315000


Room402-13, Weplus, Seven Area,
No.500 Xiaohe Road,
Gongshu District, Hangzhou City,
P. R. China. 310000


4F-Unit 1, 278 Jin Hu Road.
Shanghai, P. R. China. 200000

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